Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Just a small update:

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Review Logitech G29 is up
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Batch

After a while, hereby we present the last three batches

A lot of things happened during this time period (June, July, August). We are promoting the new logo thanks to Noorist86 for his remarkable job.

These three batches sees various special request. There's an increasing demand for inverted pedals, which indeed, give more natural feeling, some of inverted pedal works shown here. For info, each batch of production consists of 10-sets of CGR.

CGR of Agan Karnaya

CGR of BangPohan

We made a pair of GCR for www.dapurpacu.com at Indonesia International Motor Show 2011. Thanks Mr Andry Black :)

CGR of Mr Dony , Lampung.

CGR Pedal Inversion Kit

Inverted Pedal

Inverted G27 Pedal vs T500 RS Pedal

CGR Logitech G27 and Inverted pedal

Another CGR batch 6

Currently we are developing new CGR type. There's a lot of demand for mini wheel stand for people with limited room, so stay tuned in near future we will launch the new product.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Optionals and Modifications

Optional Accessories and Modification by CGR
this post can be viewed from this link

1. Surround speaker mount

To maximize your experience, surround speaker setup is the right choice. With the correct 5.1 channel arrangement, you could hear what happened in your surrounding. You don't need to look into the rearview mirror, just hear the sound of your opponent through your rear speakers. A good game will also emulate the correct engine sound placement based on the engine layout, whether it is a front engine, mid engine, or read engine.

2. Bracket and mounting for Buttkicker /bass shaker

This device will add a new dimension to your gaming experience. It transforms low frequency sound into vibration that will shake your whole cockpit. You can feel your cockpit shaking because of the kerbs, bumps on the road, any contact with other vehicle, or even any crash.

3. Keyboard mount

This will come in handy when you are using a PC. Any in-game shortcut, or chat will made easy without you having to move from your comfortable seat. Keyboard mount can be place on the side of the rig, or on the center behind the wheel.

4. Logitech G25 /G27 inverted pedal mod

Inverted pedal will give you more benefit compared with normal arrangement:
- Longer pedal travel, movement itself will be very natural, just like your ordinary vehicle.
- Longer travel means will give you more precise throttle control.

5. Logitech G25 /G27 handbrake mod

This is a must-have mod for drifters or rally enthusiast. Performing a drift or rally need some usage of handbrake, and it will be more realistic if the handbrake mechanism is lever, instead of a push button.

6. Logitech G25 /G27 wheel swap 

To further improve the experience, some players choose to swap their steering wheel with actual wheel from a car. No more toy-ish feel with your "toy"